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Executive Search

Our executive search service is transforming the way your industry works by bringing together expertise from all our international offices who work as one team. We deliver the best tailored solution for our clients regardless of geographic or sector boundaries.

The world of sports, media and entertainment has been revolutionised by professionalism and globalisation in the past 10 years. The increased influx of expertise from broader business environments has meant that searching for the best, thought-leading talent, is no longer about approaching the usual network. To compete and maintain an edge over the market, organisations need to look to the future and identify the talent that will take their business to the next level, not just do today’s job well.

Our Approach

We are confident that we have the expertise, creativity, rigour and the depth and breadth of international network to produce genuinely exciting and varied shortlists for our clients. Our efforts are always team focused as we feel that this provides a freshness and originality to every assignment. We do not look to re-cycle a limited talent pool of candidates.

However, sourcing candidates is only one part of the role and we believe that once identified, we have significant value to add in terms of assessing the candidates. We conduct a very robust process when assessing candidates against agreed competences with regards to their fit from both a technical perspective and a behavioural and cultural perspective. We pride ourselves on developing an excellent understanding of our client's organisation as well as the individuals within it, this makes us very well placed to put together an outstanding shortlist of candidates for consideration. Cultural fit is, in our view, fundamental. 

Our Methodology

We begin every new search with a blank sheet of paper because every role and organisation we work with is unique. We will create a candidate brief in collaboration with you that builds on the job description that you have already produced and defines the core technical and behavioural competences. This briefing document will represent the organisation positively in the market and will serve as a guide against which we can assess candidates throughout the process.

We then begin a thorough mapping exercise to identify the organisations where individuals with the required skill-set will be working. We then focus in on identifying and researching the right individuals and the right positions within those organisations to match your requirements. Our advantage is the number of assignments that we have completed where rigorous research and market mapping from both inside and outside of the industry have been required. This process ensures we have ‘mapped the relevant universe’ for all the individuals with the required skill-set.

To speak to a member of the team about an executive search solution, contact your nearest office.